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Please excuse the temporary website. For more information including ticket information and booking a seat in advance, please see the home page.

Seating map

April 2020 (Fri 3rd - Sun 5th) - cancelled due to COVID-19


Please let us know* whether you would like a refund for your ticket, or whether you would like your ticket to be transferred to the next event.
If we don't hear from you, your ticket will be automatically transferred to the next event.

*Contact information can be found below, or on the home page.

9/24 seats sold

  Kitchen here Entrance to hall here          
D                     ars  
E                     l_bratch  
F                     Curahee  
G                     Kris  
H                     TomIce  
I                     Borgy  
J                 ada Hugh Tamazookkee  
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Please note: as of 2020 the ticket cost is £15 for the weekend.

For further information or to contact us, please do one of:

- join us on IRC in #jerseyesports on (web chat is available)
- check out the latest Facebook event page
- email us at
- read the home page

Please ask any questions you need.

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